Welcome to eBILIS® Global EIPP, Electronic Invoice Presentment & Payment

eBILIS® Global EIPP will revolutionize the EIPP Market. It is a complete electronic end-to-end delivery, receipt and payment of invoices between sellers and buyers. It is a leading edge EIPP solution that totally eradicates paper. eBILIS® removed the Barriers in EIPP Adoption and can be deployed in days not months or years.

eBILIS® interfaces directly to Billers’ AR and populates Payers’ AP systems regardless of application infrastructures and database engines. There is no need to scan paper invoice just to extract invoice data. There is no need to manually enter invoice data to AP in order to pay.

eBILIS® provides automation of AP invoice reconciliation and approval processes. No more late fees. No more missed discounts. Lengthy invoice processing cycles are eliminated.

eBILIS® Vega eBILIS® Lyra eBILIS® Absolute
eBILIS® Accounts Receivable Solution interfaces directly to Biller’s A/R system providing up-to-the-moment invoice information. eBILIS® presents invoices to the payers electronically in a format that the payers are accustomed to, using the Internet in a secured way. eBILIS® Accounts Payable Solution interfaces directly from the Billers’ A/R system and interfaces to / populates the payer’s A/P system. The Payer uses eBILIS® or their own A/P systems to pay the suppliers’ invoices. The Payer needs to learn only their A/P system or eBILIS®, not their suppliers’ A/R systems. eBILIS® Bill Aggregator Solution comprises a one-to-many business relationship, linking one seller to its multiple buyers and linking one buyer to many sellers, resulting in a unique many-to-many trading partners relationships.
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We are dedicated to delivering Accounts Receivable and Payable Automation for our valued clients, to help them achieve:

  • Reduced implementation effort by up to 50%
  • Cost savings over 77%
  • Order to cash improvement >83%
  • Reduce IT and Operation support costs
  • Support Green Initiatives by going paperless


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