eBILIS® Lyra

 eBILIS® Lyra is our Accounts Payable EIPP Solution that directly interfaces and populates the Payers’ A/P systems. It provides invoice reconciliation with Procurement, Shipping and Receiving systems (or other applications of the Payer) for Straight-through Purchase-to-Pay process. The Payer uses their own A/P systems to pay the invoices. The Payer needs to learn only their A/P system, not their Billers’ A/R systems.

eBILIS® Lyra facilitates Dynamic Discount Management by presenting invoice and/or settlement information in an “As-of-the-Moment” fashion that is beneficial to both the Billers and Payers. The Payers avail the discounts while the Billers avail the settlement and invoice remittance information. These transactions are then used by the respective parties to update their respective applications.

  • eBILIS® Lyra interfaces and populates the Payers’ A/P applications eliminating manual data entry of invoice information.
  • eBILIS® Lyra will deliver remittance details electronically to the respective Billers in their respective data format requirements; the Payers’ do not have to do this.

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