eBILIS® Vega

eBILIS® Vega is our Accounts Receivable EIPP Solution that interfaces directly to Billers’ A/R systems (or the Biller’s choice of applications) providing as-of-the-moment invoice information. eBILIS®  Vega presents invoices to the Payers electronically in a format that the Payers are accustomed to, using the Internet as the Network in a secured way. Once invoices are created, they are available to the Payers. Payers can dispute, pre-approve, or pay and leverage any early payment discount schedules provided by the Biller.

  • eBILIS® Vega will deliver invoices electronically to Payers in the data format that the Payers are accustomed to; the Billers do not have to do this.
  • eBILIS® Vega will provide remittance details from the Payers’ remittances that the respective Billers can use to update its invoicing applications, eliminating data entry of invoice remittance information.

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