eBILIS® Absolute

eBILIS® Absolute is best suited for billing companies that desire to be the leading bill aggregator in the EIPP industry.

 eBILIS® Vega (A/R EIPP) and eBILIS® Lyra (A/P EIPP) solutions on the same platform is a turn-key solution that can be configured for any types of accounts, customers and invoice formats interfacing with any Biller’s A/R or any Payer’s A/P applications. This solution provides presentment  of different bill types to different Payers preserving its own individual uniqueness into a single “Statement of Accounts”.  eBILIS® Absolute links Billers to its respective Payers and links Payers to its respective Billers in a vast many-to-many Billers-to-Payers relationships on a single platform.

Experience the benefits of aggregated A/R and A/P EIPP solutions in a single pane of glass. Because eBILIS® Absolute directly interfaces to any Billers’ data sources or systems, implementing it is seamless and cost effective. As a major differentiation, eBILIS® provides on-line and interactive “As-of-the-Moment” invoice information presentment enabling Payers early payment discount provided by their respective Billers.

All outbound and inbound invoices with all of the necessary supporting information and payment history are available.

  • Billers and Payers transact invoice presentment and payment settlements without the need to join costly private network.
  • It provides presentment of different invoice types while preserving its own individual uniqueness into a single “Statement of Accounts”.

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