eBILIS® EIPP Functions & Features

  • Hosted as Cloud-based Software-as-a-Service or On-Premise EIPP solution that can be configured for all types of invoices and customers;
  • Offered as AR, AP, and Bill Aggregation models;
  • Interfaces directly to Billers’ AR and populates Payers’ AP systems regardless of infrastructure, application and data base engines. No need to scan paper invoice just to extract invoice data. No need to manually enter data to AP in order to pay;
  • Provides automation of AP invoice reconciliation and approval processes. No more lengthy invoice processing cycles. No more late fees;
  • Facilitates Dynamic Discount Management by presenting invoice and/or settlement information in an “As-of-the-Moment” fashion that is beneficial to both the Biller and Payer. No more missed discounts;
  • Provides real-time interactive Dispute Management for quick resolution of disputes and faster payment of invoices;
  • Provides Electronic Funds Transfer for faster funds availability, and detailed remittance addenda for accurate application of transactions to respective trading partner’s application.
  • The only Global EIPP solution of its kind in the industry.

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