eBILIS® is a Global Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) software solution. It is an affordable EIPP solution for companies that want to: (1) eradicate paper invoice and checks forever, (2) eliminate the need for electronic images of paper invoices, (3) eliminate manual data entry of invoice information, (4) automate invoice reconciliation, (5) provide collaborative real-time on-line Dispute Resolution Management, (6) reduce invoice processing costs, (7) capture discounts more easily, and (8) all without disrupting existing  infrastructure or applications.  eBILIS® is for companies wanting to adopt an end-to-end EIPP solution without “Breaking the Bank”.

eBILIS® Global EIPP  is a comprehensive and full feature solution that exceeds requirements of typical EIPP solutions available in the market today.

What is EIPP?

Traditional Definition: Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) – the process by which companies electronically present invoices and make payments to one another through the Internet. This usually requires Trading Partners to “Join a Network” of Buyers and Sellers. Using eBILIS® there is no need to join a private network; the Internet is our Network!

eBILIS® Global EIPP: eBILIS® satisfies the traditional definition of EIPP and has more features than the industry labels as EIPP products; minus the “requirements for trading partners to join a network of Billers and Payers”. eBILIS® provides our Clients the functionality to present and pay any invoice electronically via the Internet and:

  • Straight through payment processing
  • Seamless interface to A/R systems and population of A/P systems
  • Payers do not disclose their financial information to vendors
  • Enable selling and buying organizations become more connected, informed, and responsive to the ever-changing needs of their trading partners
  • On-line and interactive Dispute Management solution
  • Netted Transactions and Dynamic Discount Management
  • Initiation of ACH or payment channel/s selected by Payers to settle invoice payments


In a case study, Gartner analyst Avivah Litan found that a company could save $7.15 per invoice by presenting it over the Internet rather than in paper format. With the average large company issuing 792,000 invoices per year, the savings could exceed $5 million annually. And with an average investment of less than $500,000 needed to get an EIPP system up and running, a typical company could break even if it issued just 2.3 percent of its customer invoices electronically.

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