Information Spectrum®

Information Spectrum® is engineered beyond the limits. We feel that tomorrow’s reality is here and that the potential of the Technology is only limited by the human mind. It can interface with any existing application and ones yet to be born from it. It can handle structured and unstructured data and provides timely and accurate information to anticipated and unanticipated users.

Information Spectrum® (IS) is a Computer Technology Application that will transform your business NOW! It provides seamless connectivity to disparate systems to aggregate data and turns it to useful information. This information that can be used for solid business decisions that may affect local and global market positioning. It has been recognized as a true Mash Up Application, a true Real Time Data Virtualization Application, Business Intelligence and Workflow Process, an advanced Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) Application, and other technology brand names that IS can be called. In reality, it is a simple but powerful software technology that was developed before the IT industry crafted the above technology names and brands.

Information Spectrum® is a software technology developed by MPI that enables Data Aggregation and Harmonization with the creation of cloud-based smart software applications.  It can provide real‐time, integrated business management intelligence by combining information from various databases and presenting it in an easy‐to understand user interface;

  • Brings any disparate data together from different domain, data base engines or computing platforms (legacy mainframes and client servers). Supports MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, DB2, PGSQL (just to name a few) or any relational DBMS.
  • Provides assimilation and yet retains segregation of information native to its processes (Federated Architecture).
  • Interfaces to existing applications regardless of platform or software applications. Provides seamless viewing of data across the Web on single portal.
  • Facilitates rapid development of content presentation via customizable or configurable pre-delivered Web pages.

eBILIS® Global EIPP is built from our proprietary Information Spectrum® technology and leverages its functions and features. eBILIS® Global EIPP is a Cloud-based SaaS  solution that is offered in AR, AP and Bill Consolidation models.

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