Delivery Model

The Internet Is Our Platform

 eBILIS® Global EIPP offers intuitive, cost effective and secure solutions that enable your business to enhance customer loyalty and extend your reach to business partners and customers seamlessly, locally or across the globe.

eBILIS® is offered with attractive fee-structure that will suit  your needs and your trading partners’ needs.

eBILIS® can also be offered as a Licensing Model hosted at the Client Infrastructure.

Implementation can be realized in as little as a week; not months or years.

Immediately present and/or pay any invoice type in real time on a single Statement of Account.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service, or SaaS, is rapidly gaining acceptance for specialized solution delivery. Reducing or eliminating the burden on internal resources and costs surrounding software acquisition and maintenance, ongoing operation and support is a major focus for most corporations.

On-demand solutions delivered in a SaaS method enables software to become a variable expense, rather than a fixed cost. eBILIS® solution is typically delivered as SaaS. Therefore, using eBILIS®, we take charge of development, upgrades and service delivery while providing a scalable, pay as you go services that provides cost control and most importantly, customer satisfaction. This delivery method provides Billers and Payers (or trading partners) establish real-time and on-line operating efficiencies without costly private network dependencies and software management.


Similar to the SaaS Model, eBILIS® can also reside at the Client’s Infrastructure. Depending on the Clients needs, requirements and Best Practices, eBILIS® is agile to adapt to its hosting site.

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