EIPP Trends – With the benefits of EIPP becoming more public and specific, the EIPP boom is about to commence. Although analysts have been predicting EIPP adoption growth for years, companies are finally recognizing the value.

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Improve the Supply Chain Finance – Progressive companies are evaluating their supply chain as it pertains to financial transactions. Analysis by GI2 has identified 6 key areas in the financial supply chain for improvement.

Before reading the White Paper, consider the following things:

The advantage of using eBILIS® is its ability to provide a “Dynamic Discounting Mechanism” for early payment of invoices – thus deferred payments that negative impact sellers’ cash flow is mitigated. The mitigation of risk allows more capital to be raised, capital to be accessed sooner or capital to be raised at lower rates. Additionally eBILIS® enables inter-department documents relevant to invoice accuracy are shared by inter-department staff promoting cooperation.

We have taken excerpts from the White Paper and highlighted them below.

Using eBILIS®, it resolves the issues mentioned in this article and delivers results that can be measured.

Using eBILIS®, it resolves the issues mentioned in this article and delivers results that can be measured. Specifically, eBILIS®, can access any data from different and un-integrated applications whether from contract management, sourcing, purchasing, production or any and all applications that are required to facilitate EIPP processes. Using eBILIS®, significant reduction on over-reliance on people and total elimination of paper can be achieved easily.

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Benchmark for Key Processes

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