Electronic invoice Presentment and Payment Solutions for Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Bill Aggregators

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Electronic Invoice Presentment

Essentially delivering invoices to our clients and vendors electronically to accelerate the payment process.

Payment Solutions

Customizing a variety of payment channels for convenience.

Welcome to eBILIS® Electronic Invoice Presentment & Payment

eBILIS® will revolutionize the EIPP Market. It is a complete electronic end-to-end delivery, receipt, and payment of invoices between billers and payers. It is a leading-edge EIPP solution that totally eliminate paper. eBILIS® removes the Barriers in EIPP Adoption and can be deployed in less time than the competition.

eBILIS® interfaces directly to billers’ AR and payers’ AP systems regardless of application infrastructures and database engines. There is no need to scan paper invoices just to extract invoice data. There is no need to manually enter invoice data to AP in order to pay.

eBILIS® vs Manual Invoicing


  • eBILIS® Vega

    Accounts Receivable EIPP Solution

  • eBILIS® Lyra

    Accounts Payable EIPP Solution

  • eBILIS® Absolute

    Bill Aggregator EIPP Solution

eBILIS® Vega

eBILIS® Vega is our Accounts Receivable EIPP Solution that interfaces directly to Billers’ A/R systems (or the Biller’s choice of applications) providing as-of-the-moment invoice information. eBILIS®  Vega presents invoices to the Payers electronically in a format that the Payers are accustomed to, using the Internet as the Network in a secured way. Once invoices are created, they are available to the Payers. Payers can dispute, pre-approve, or pay and leverage any early payment discount schedules provided by the Biller.

  • eBILIS® Vega will deliver invoices electronically to Payers in the data format that the Payers are accustomed to; the Billers do not have to do this.
  • eBILIS® Vega will provide remittance details from the Payers’ remittances that the respective Billers can use to update its invoicing applications, eliminating data entry of invoice remittance information.

eBILIS® Lyra

eBILIS® Lyra is our Accounts Payable EIPP Solution that directly interfaces and populates the Payers’ A/P systems. It provides invoice reconciliation with Procurement, Shipping and Receiving systems (or other applications of the Payer) for Straight-through Purchase-to-Pay process. The Payer uses their own A/P systems to pay the invoices. The Payer needs to learn only their A/P system, not their Billers’ A/R systems.

eBILIS® Lyra facilitates Dynamic Discount Management by presenting invoice and/or settlement information in an “As-of-the-Moment” fashion that is beneficial to both the Billers and Payers. The Payers avail the discounts while the Billers avail the settlement and invoice remittance information. These transactions are then used by the respective parties to update their respective applications.

  • eBILIS® Lyra interfaces and populates the Payers’ A/P applications eliminating manual data entry of invoice information.
  • eBILIS® Lyra will deliver remittance details electronically to the respective Billers in their respective data format requirements; the Payers’ do not have to do this.

eBILIS® Absolute

eBILIS® Absolute is best suited for billing companies that desire to be the leading bill aggregator in the EIPP industry.

eBILIS® Vega (A/R EIPP) and eBILIS® Lyra (A/P EIPP) solutions on the same platform is a turn-key solution that can be configured for any types of accounts, customers and invoice formats interfacing with any Biller’s A/R or any Payer’s A/P applications. This solution provides presentment  of different bill types to different Payers preserving its own individual uniqueness into a single “Statement of Accounts”.  eBILIS® Absolute links Billers to its respective Payers and links Payers to its respective Billers in a vast many-to-many Billers-to-Payers relationship on a single platform.

Experience the benefits of aggregated A/R and A/P EIPP solutions in a single pane of glass. Because eBILIS® Absolute directly interfaces to any Billers’ data sources or systems, implementing it is seamless and cost-effective. As a major differentiation, eBILIS® provides on-line and interactive “As-of-the-Moment” invoice information presentment enabling Payers early payment discount provided by their respective Billers.

All outbound and inbound invoices with all of the necessary supporting information and payment history are available.

  • Billers and Payers transact invoice presentment and payment settlements without the need to join costly private networks.
  • It provides presentment of different invoice types while preserving its own individual uniqueness into a single “Statement of Accounts”.

Services Offered

eBILIS® is ideally deployed as a Software as a Service (SaaS). It reduces or eliminates the burden on internal resources and costs surrounding software acquisition and maintenance, ongoing operation and support.

eBILIS® can also be deployed as On-Premise. It can reside at the Client's Infrastructure. Depending on the Client's needs, requirements, and Best Practices. eBILIS® is agile to adapt to its hosting location(s).

Let eBILIS® solution provide you better cash flow management with Straight through Processing by electronically managing invoice data, invoice reconciliation, disputes, approvals, and payment disbursements within a single "Statement of Accounts", without having to spend costly internal resources and time to realize the benefits of an EIPP solution.

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